palm springs, ca

palm springs. man, what a great place. this was my first time visiting palm springs and i am absolutely, head over heals, in love. this was by far my favorite trip i’ve ever gone on. emily and i only spent 4 days in california, but we got so much done in such a short amount of time.

the first day, we decided to drive to huntington beach, walk on the boardwalk, and enjoy the ocean. that same day, we drove south to san diego. we heard there were sea lions there and at the last minute decided to check it out. it was dark by the time we found them, but still an awesome experience. we ended the first day with a bonfire on the beach (with wine and s’mores!) and an in-n-out midnight snack.

the second day, we headed into the desert in search of salvation mountain, the salton sea, and joshua tree. it was definitely the most beautiful drive of my life. i’m so thankful for this day. we got out of the car many times to stop and take pictures. i wish we could have spent more time at joshua tree, because it was the most amazing place. and so huge! we only explored a tiny section of the park before the sun started going down. it’s now a life goal to go back there and camp/explore the rest of the park. we ended the day by finding a hot spring and relaxing before bed.

on the third day, we walked through the little town of palm springs, did a little shopping, got lunch, and the headed over to the ace hotel. it was so nice, we spent the afternoon laying by the pool with drinks. it was a pretty relaxing day! we ate at the king’s highway for dinner and then did some thrifting. we were both so sleepy after that, we just went to bed!

on our last day, we went out for breakfast. i couldn’t decide between the blueberry and corn pancakes or the waffle with salted butter, so i went with both, obviously. i was a huge pig this whole vacation and i have zero regrets. every single place we ate at was amazing (thank you yelp!). after breakfast, we took the air tram up 8500 feet into a mountain. amazing experience! we didn’t realize that the temperature would drop down to 30 degrees up there (we weren’t prepared clothes-wise), otherwise i would have liked to explore more. we decided to spend a bit more time by the pool once we got back and then had a massage scheduled for 4:45. amazing. so worth it. we ordered pizza in our room that night and then took a dip in the hot tub before packing up our room and heading to bed.

i still can’t believe we did so much! i already miss the sun and warmth. coming home to snow after a trip like that is no fun.

hope you all had an AMAZING valentine’s day. did any of you get engaged? i still have a bunch of dates left for weddings this summer! *wink*

off to palm springs!

tomorrow afternoon i hop on a plane headed to palm springs, ca. i’ve been dying to go here for years and i finally get to! just thought i’d let you know that email may be a little slow until i get back on the 14th. and you can expect an awesome blog post because me and emily are going to be taking a billion and a half pictures in the desert (another thing i’ve been wanting to do for years!).

see you guys soon and have a great valentine’s day!

p.s. if you have any recommendations for palm springs, i’d love to hear them!

when i’m with you

this is aubrey. aubs. my little aubs. she’s my little sister and i love her to pieces. i was looking through these photos and thinking about how much fun we had together this summer. a few of my favorite moments in life were spent with her. okay…most of my favorite moments in life.

this past summer was spent driving to grand haven and running into the lake in the middle of the night, going to a mumford and sons concert, camping, going to cedar point, obsessing over which christian singers we wanted to marry, having bonfires in the backyard, and jumping off of my grandpa’s boat. all with her by my side.

she’s still a youngin’, but she’s grown up so much in the last year. she’s become one of the most stylish, funniest, and caring people i know and i’m so proud to not only call her my sister, but my best friend. i honestly don’t know what i’d do without her. she keeps me sane and understands me like no one else.

i just can’t wait for this summer and the many adventures we will go on together.

love you, aubs.