the unworkshop

this past thursday a bunch of midwest photographers got together at a cabin near lake michigan. we walked on the beach, got soaking wet from the rain, walked through rivers, ate great food, took lots of pictures, and laughed a lot. there’s just something i love about hanging out with other photographers. it’s like we understand each other. anyway, please watch the stop motion first as i’m very proud of it and hope to include more on the blog. and thanks to all of the wonderful people i met, i left that night feeling overwhelmed with kindness.

whispers in the dark

i’m putting this post behind a cut because i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. just a warning, there is some partial nudity in this post and i don’t want to offend anyone. that being said, i shot my first boudoir session this past weekend and it’s something i’ve been wanting to get into for a while now. it was definitely something new and got me shooting and thinking in a different way. the human body is an amazing thing to photograph and i’m so happy with how these turned out. i’m definitely looking forward to doing more in the future. any opportunity to make someone feel beautiful about themselves, i will take. if you’re interested in a session, please email me (, because i’m dying to shoot more!!

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polaroid update 01

polaroids from vegas, a plant party, a walk through holland, grand haven with friends, the bowl with aubs, and the don’t give up project. i’m hoping to do these polaroid updates every few months when i’ve collected enough! enjoy.