whispers in the dark

i’m putting this post behind a cut because i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. just a warning, there is some partial nudity in this post and i don’t want to offend anyone. that being said, i shot my first boudoir session this past weekend and it’s something i’ve been wanting to get into for a while now. it was definitely something new and got me shooting and thinking in a different way. the human body is an amazing thing to photograph and i’m so happy with how these turned out. i’m definitely looking forward to doing more in the future. any opportunity to make someone feel beautiful about themselves, i will take. if you’re interested in a session, please email me (amanda@amandavanvels.com), because i’m dying to shoot more!!

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polaroid update 01

polaroids from vegas, a plant party, a walk through holland, grand haven with friends, the bowl with aubs, and the don’t give up project. i’m hoping to do these polaroid updates every few months when i’ve collected enough! enjoy.

don’t give up project

“and once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can’t go back to being normal; you can’t go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time.” -donald miller (a million miles in a thousand years)


i’m sitting here and coming to the terms that i will never be able to write a paragraph that properly and fully explains the past few days of my life. i can’t even describe it to my friends and family. they ask how colorado was and my mind still can’t put into words how amazing and life changing this was. so i just say “it was good. it was really, really good.” and hope that they somehow can absorb all of my feelings and jumbled thoughts i took away from this workshop.

when i signed up for the don’t give up workshop, i had zero doubts in my mind. i knew in my heart that i was supposed to go. i’ve mentioned it in a few previous blog posts, but i’ve had trouble connecting to people lately. and this workshop completely changed that. i feel like a new person. i’ve never felt so surrounded with love and support. i learned so many new things. so many realizations. i’ve looked up to the parsons for so long now. just their ability to connect with people and tell beautiful stories. i learned so much from them and i will never stop appreciating that. so, thank you, ashley and jeremy. you are two of the kindest, giving, and strongest people i’ve ever met.

with the 2013 wedding season coming up, i feel so excited and inspired. i feel ready to make photos that matter.

and i have to add that i’m so thankful for all of the beautiful people i met. i’m so happy such wonderful people exist in the world. thank you guys for being amazing.

p.s. check out the amazing video from the trip!