off to palm springs!

tomorrow afternoon i hop on a plane headed to palm springs, ca. i’ve been dying to go here for years and i finally get to! just thought i’d let you know that email may be a little slow until i get back on the 14th. and you can expect an awesome blog post because me and emily are going to be taking a billion and a half pictures in the desert (another thing i’ve been wanting to do for years!).

see you guys soon and have a great valentine’s day!

p.s. if you have any recommendations for palm springs, i’d love to hear them!

when i’m with you

this is aubrey. aubs. my little aubs. she’s my little sister and i love her to pieces. i was looking through these photos and thinking about how much fun we had together this summer. a few of my favorite moments in life were spent with her. okay…most of my favorite moments in life.

this past summer was spent driving to grand haven and running into the lake in the middle of the night, going to a mumford and sons concert, camping, going to cedar point, obsessing over which christian singers we wanted to marry, having bonfires in the backyard, and jumping off of my grandpa’s boat. all with her by my side.

she’s still a youngin’, but she’s grown up so much in the last year. she’s become one of the most stylish, funniest, and caring people i know and i’m so proud to not only call her my sister, but my best friend. i honestly don’t know what i’d do without her. she keeps me sane and understands me like no one else.

i just can’t wait for this summer and the many adventures we will go on together.

love you, aubs.

phil + michelle

cherries. pups. sailboats. the grand traverse bay. more pups! good beer. what more do you need for a good wedding? nothing.

this one was definitely up there on my favorite weddings. especially because it was mostly michigan themed. these two met while sail boating and themed their wedding on different parts of michigan that were important to them (including a few areas near chicago, since they live there). these two are really just some of the most wonderful and interesting people i’ve ever met. and what i love most about them is that they love their dogs so much. i’m a huge puppy lover and they are, too, so i was super excited to see that they included their dogs in their wedding. so fun! thanks for having me along, you two!