christina + brian in chicago

i like these two a lot.

i drove out to chicago to hang out with christina and brian for the day to shoot their engagement photos. right away, they invited me into their home and made me feel so welcome. we spent the day hanging out in the “L”, stealing bikes from a vintage shop, walking around their neighborhood, eating amazing food and drinking beer, and ended the day with a walk through the park. i tell ya, i’ve been to chicago many times before, but never have i had such a fun time there. these two really showed me around! on my drive home that night, i remember having an overwhelming feeling of joy. sometimes i still can’t believe i get to hang out with rad people and photograph how much they love each other…and call it a job.

lindsey + brandon

this wedding blew my mind. when lindsey and brandon told me their wedding was going to be comic book themed and in an old ford museum i was thinking “ohhhhh yes! this’ll be good!” not only was it good, it was probably the funnest and most meaningful wedding i’ve shot so far. lindsey and brandon are both wedding photographers, so of course we got along instantly. but more importantly, they’re both hilarious, caring, and so much fun to be around.

this was probably the sweatiest wedding i’ve ever been to, but that didn’t stop the insane dance party from going on all night (which we obviously joined in on). and i just can’t get over how this wedding was just so….them. from the comic book decorations to brandon never being able to tie his bowtie. to how carefree and fun the whole day was. to the amount of love that was in one building. lindsey and brandon, i can’t ever thank you guys enough for having me be a part of your wedding day. you and your family welcomed us in as if we were your own family.

thanks to my amazing second shooter and photo bff, abbey, for helping out. some of these shots are taken by her!

2012. so blessed.

i don’t even know how to start this. i’ve said it a billion times before…i’m bad with words, so bear with me. for the past two days i have been sorting through almost every single photograph i took in 2012 to find my best and most favorite photos for this post. i had collected around 200 of them and narrowed it down to the 90 or so that i have posted here. and it wasn’t until just now that i looked at them all together, in a row. i got teary-eyed, to be honest. at this point in the season, i’m ready for a break. i’m not thinking about all of the success i’ve had in the past year, but i am looking forward to relaxing. now…i’m just really, really glad i decided to put together this post because the only thing i can think about now is how frickin’ proud of myself i am. and how extremely thankful i am to get to live this life and take photographs for a living. and even more thankful for every single person that has trusted me with their wedding, their family, and their moments.

2012 was good to me. real good. i graduated from college (woah). i worked my butt off on my thesis show and graduated with a huge body of work that i was proud of. i shot some amazing weddings (that i am still planning on blogging after this post) and met some even more amazing clients, most of whom i can call friends. i traveled. a lot. mainly for weddings, but also some fun stuff, too. i’ve met more new photographer friends that i know what to do with and i love them all. i saw my favorite band live in ohio and it was the best concert of my life. i went to disney world and rode the tower of terror nine times in a row. and i have learned so much about myself this year and especially about my business…which brings me to 2013.

i already know that 2013 is going to top this year. 2012 was a year of soul searching and learning for me. i have so much more knowledge going into 2013 and i’m so excited to put a lot of hard work into my photography and my business. and that’s where i’m going to end this. with high hopes. thank you all, again, so much for supporting me.