a few from vegas


i’ve got cute friends

for the third book i’m making for my independent study, i decided to challenge myself and shoot only vertical portraits…something i hardly do and actually find it awkward. as uncomfortable as it was to force myself to only shoot vertical, i’m extremely happy with how most of them turned out! these are just a few of my favorites, but i have about 30-40 photos in the book overall.

p.s. my friends are all really good looking….just sayin’.


abbey moore

a few weeks ago, i got to hang out with my wonderful and talented friend, abbey. we spent the afternoon running around on the beach taking photos of each other. it was cold and windy, but definitely worth it! check out the photos she took of me! i love this girl…we share a love for harry potter and adventures and boy meets world and embarrassing tweets. i’m sad i don’t get to see her as much as i’d like to.


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