2012. so blessed.

i don’t even know how to start this. i’ve said it a billion times before…i’m bad with words, so bear with me. for the past two days i have been sorting through almost every single photograph i took in 2012 to find my best and most favorite photos for this post. i had collected around 200 of them and narrowed it down to the 90 or so that i have posted here. and it wasn’t until just now that i looked at them all together, in a row. i got teary-eyed, to be honest. at this point in the season, i’m ready for a break. i’m not thinking about all of the success i’ve had in the past year, but i am looking forward to relaxing. now…i’m just really, really glad i decided to put together this post because the only thing i can think about now is how frickin’ proud of myself i am. and how extremely thankful i am to get to live this life and take photographs for a living. and even more thankful for every single person that has trusted me with their wedding, their family, and their moments.

2012 was good to me. real good. i graduated from college (woah). i worked my butt off on my thesis show and graduated with a huge body of work that i was proud of. i shot some amazing weddings (that i am still planning on blogging after this post) and met some even more amazing clients, most of whom i can call friends. i traveled. a lot. mainly for weddings, but also some fun stuff, too. i’ve met more new photographer friends that i know what to do with and i love them all. i saw my favorite band live in ohio and it was the best concert of my life. i went to disney world and rode the tower of terror nine times in a row. and i have learned so much about myself this year and especially about my business…which brings me to 2013.

i already know that 2013 is going to top this year. 2012 was a year of soul searching and learning for me. i have so much more knowledge going into 2013 and i’m so excited to put a lot of hard work into my photography and my business. and that’s where i’m going to end this. with high hopes. thank you all, again, so much for supporting me.

jessica + neil

these two are absolutely wonderful people. we spent a beautiful fall day walking through the park and enjoying the weather. honestly, it felt more like hanging out with friends than work. i love when that happens. and i love these two!


giving thanks

wowee, i can’t believe it’s been over a month since i blogged last. i’ve been an awful blogger lately trying to get everything finished and edited and sent to clients. but you guys, there’s so much i can’t wait to show you. so many photos i’m proud of from this wedding season.

i’m sitting here (writing this the night before thanksgiving) and am trying to narrow down exactly what i’m most thankful for this year. and there’s just too much!! i’m so thankful for my clients, for my friends and family that have supported me, for all of the amazing opportunities i’ve had. life has been good to me this year, which makes me even more pumped up for what 2013 has to bring. already, my clients for next year are blowing my mind with how thoughtful, kind, funny, and absolutely amazing they are.

but really, i feel so lucky to get to live this life and do what i love for a living. and that’s what i’m giving thanks for this year. i’m sure you’re all enjoying turkey and stuffing your faces full of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, but if you get a free moment, i’d love to hear what you’re thankful for.

i hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving!