rebecca + scott

i can’t tell you how in love with these two i am. from the moment i met them, i knew they were going to be good ones. rebecca and scott are incredibly funny, creative, and wonderful people. we spent two hours shooting at a park in ann arbor and as the time went on, i just kept falling more and more in love with them. i’m so excited to shoot their wedding in detroit next month! it’s going to be a good one!

looking for an intern!

well, it’s that time again! wedding season is starting and things are getting busy really quick. i’m looking for an intern to help me out for the 2012 wedding season. if you’re interested, please download my internship information to learn more. thanks!

p.s. the information .pdf says it’s unpaid, but it IS paid!


this past week i was in los angeles, california for spring break and let me tell you…i can’t help but be extremely sad to be home. the whole week was absolutely perfect. california has such life to it, something i’ve been missing it in my life for the past 4 months. i can’t help but be a winter hater…there’s no life in it! but california was exactly what i needed. the week was spent driving through laguna beach looking for famous people, eating lots of in n out, hiking up a mountain to an abandoned zoo, a beach bonfire, a day spent hanging out in disney, longboarding in hollywood, lots of laughs and lots of puppies! if you want to check out the rest of the photos from the trip, feel free to check them out on facebook.

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