chris + laura

i love these two so much. i had asked them to model for me for a school project, but the lighting happened to be so good that night and they’re the cutest people i’ve ever seen, so it just turned into a little love fest. chris is an amazing artist, who did this digital painting of me, and laura has a super cute blog! i’m so honored to know these two…love em.


a few from vegas


i’ve got cute friends

for the third book i’m making for my independent study, i decided to challenge myself and shoot only vertical portraits…something i hardly do and actually find it awkward. as uncomfortable as it was to force myself to only shoot vertical, i’m extremely happy with how most of them turned out! these are just a few of my favorites, but i have about 30-40 photos in the book overall.

p.s. my friends are all really good looking….just sayin’.


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