will + karen

what a ridiculously great wedding. will and karen had their wedding at crooked creek ranch, which is one of my favorite places to shoot at. and i hope you can see why! the barn, the horses, the lake…every detail is beautiful. but that’s not what made this wedding so great. the way will looks at karen is indescribable. their love just radiates from them like crazy and they just really know how to have fun with each other.

thanks you guys so much for having me and thanks to my second shooter, emily vermaat. a few shots in here were taken by her.

from GR to SEATTLE

on january 6th, me, my friend ashlee, and my tiny car drove across the country to the great city of seattle. what an experience!

it was probably not the smartest decision to drive through many mountains in the middle of winter. we faced a few snow storms, a few rain showers, a patch of ice that so lovingly led my car into a collision with the curb. oh! and a steep, mountain driveway covered in ice that my tiny car could not make up. despite all of the stuff that went wrong on the trip, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

i never realized how big the country was. 3 straight days of driving. sometimes it was hours and hours before we saw civilization. but wow, this country is dang beautiful. i don’t think i will ever get over how amazing mountains are. i think i took a billion photos in the car while we were driving through them.

anyway, it was such a great trip filled with brilliant landscapes, friends i haven’t seen in way too long, a day trip to portland, typical touristy seattle stuff, and so many great memories.

p.s. how funny does my tiny car look next to those huge semis?

hilary + michael

hilary and michael are absolutely wonderful! i had such a fun afternoon hanging around with them on michael’s parent’s property. so beautiful. these two are such cool cats and they are currently working on opening their own bookstore in ann arbor! super super cannot wait for their wedding in june.

tons of great blog posts coming up! i just got back from a road trip to seattle and have tons of photos to share from that trip, along with a bunch of weddings, engagement sessions, and family sessions from this past wedding season. sit tight and STAY WARM…it’s freezin’ out there.