kathy + derek

it’s 11pm and i’m blogging. this is the first chance i’ve had to blog in a long time. and i feel really bad about that! and honestly, i haven’t picked up my camera since california. that’s nuts! that’s insane! unheard of! but….all of this being busy has been good! i have two weeks left until i graduate from college. i have a week left until i have to hang up my senior thesis exhibition show. i have been working nonstop on this show and i’m so extremely happy with how it’s coming along! i’ll be sure to blog about it once it’s finally finished and up on the wall. i can’t wait to show you all! but i thought i’d explain a little bit about why i’ve been absent from my blog. it’s all for a good cause, i swear!

but i have been dying to put a few of these photos up from my first wedding of 2012 back in february! it was such a cold day, but kathy and derek were so amazing and willing to stand out in the cold. as i was getting ready to upload these, i was thinking about how much i really DON’T miss the snow. thank goodness it’s spring! anyway, check out these two!

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this past week i was in los angeles, california for spring break and let me tell you…i can’t help but be extremely sad to be home. the whole week was absolutely perfect. california has such life to it, something i’ve been missing it in my life for the past 4 months. i can’t help but be a winter hater…there’s no life in it! but california was exactly what i needed. the week was spent driving through laguna beach looking for famous people, eating lots of in n out, hiking up a mountain to an abandoned zoo, a beach bonfire, a day spent hanging out in disney, longboarding in hollywood, lots of laughs and lots of puppies! if you want to check out the rest of the photos from the trip, feel free to check them out on facebook.


chris + laura

i love these two so much. i had asked them to model for me for a school project, but the lighting happened to be so good that night and they’re the cutest people i’ve ever seen, so it just turned into a little love fest. chris is an amazing artist, who did this digital painting of me, and laura has a super cute blog! i’m so honored to know these two…love em.


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