rebecca + scott

if you’re asking what the perfect wedding would look like, it would be this one. incredible details (thanks to viva la diva events!), incredible location, but most of all, incredible couple. rebecca and scott are the ultimate cool kids. from the moment i met them, i was excited for them to become not only clients, but friends. everything about them is great. from their style to how much they love each other. when they were telling me about their wedding, i just kept getting more and more excited. i mean, you can’t really beat an old jazz club and a carnival in downtown detroit, am i right?

stacy + ben

♡  ♡  ♡

will + karen

i drove out to chicago to hang out with these two for the night. will and karen are extremely fun, adventurous, and caring people. i had a blast walking around the city with them. they showed me so many new places i’ve never been to! can’t wait for their wedding in traverse city.